The Agent Portable Surveillance System

The Agent Portable Surveillance System (APSS) is a lightweight, backpack-sized, short-medium range, integrated kit composed of several configurable modules that maximise flexibility and changes in the CONOPS for the dismounted operator. The APSS provides detection, tracking and identification of individual and multiple targets at various ranges in a completely self-contained and self-powered package.

Integrated Sensors and Command Software – FLIR optics, radars, and software are designed for seamless interoperability, delivering a high-performing, standalone system for superior long-range surveillance.

Operational Readiness –  The APSS can be deployed anywhere dismounted soldiers can walk to. It is designed and built for a small team to easily transport and quickly deploy. Within minutes, the team receives immediate, actionable situational awareness.

Reduce Cognitive Burden – Cameleon command control coftware reduces operator fatigue by automating essential monitoring activities.

More information on the APSS here