FLIR Cerberus

Trailer-Based Mobile Surveillance System

Cerberus is a rugged, trailer-based integrated long-range mobile surveillance system that rapidly deploys in austere and environmentally challenging environments to provide unmanned remote perimeter surveillance for weeks at a time. Built to support force protection, border surveillance, ISR, and target tracking as well as long-range perimeter security, Cerberus integrates radar and visible/thermal camera payloads ranging up to 30 km with slew-to-cue of cameras to radar tracks.

Integrated Command & Control – Available in multiple range configurations, Cerberus also networks its sensors with other Cerberus units, FLIR vehicles, and command and control nodes, providing unparalleled wide area perimeter security capability.

Continuous Perimeter Security – Detect and track more than 500 targets simultaneously with radar and identify and classify threats with imaging sensors. Run Cerberus on a generator, battery, shore power, or solar power.

Wide Area Situational Awareness – HD EO/IR and FMCW radar provide 360° long-range threat detection out to 30 km. Combine mid-wave infrared (MWIR) with visible/lowlight cameras, near IR and/or SWIR to cover up to four spectral bands.

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