Mobile Vehicle Surveillance System

The MVSS is a rugged, multi-spectral mobile surveillance system that provides rapid deployment and unmatched maneuverability. Multiple sensor packages along with command and control software are integrated into an industry tested vehicle, transforming the cab into the command center. Available in multiple range configurations, MVSS can also network its sensors with other FLIR vehicles and command and control nodes. It’s the most trusted mobile, long-range perimeter security system available.

HD Camera Wavelength Options 

Combine mid-wave infrared (MWIR) with visible/lowlight cameras, near IR and/or SWIR to cover up to four spectral bands.

Wide Area Situational Awareness

HD EO/IR and FMCW Radar provide 360° long range threat detection out to 25km.

Integrated Command & Control

Cameleon™ Tactical tracks blending of multiple sensors, slew-to-cue of radar to camera, mapping functionality, zone management, video archiving/distribution and alarms.

Learn more about the MVSS here.