Viking VTOL

Vertical Takeoff and Landing

Boresight is developing a highly capable but affordable and expendable target Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Group 1 sized target drone. The Viking VTOL drone is being designed to mimic size and flight characteristics of most larger, Group 1 (and potentially Group 2) drones.

Viking VTOL flexibility allows for reduced take-off/landing requirements.

The Viking VTOL drone will use Boresight’s Flight Management and Mission Planning software for control and the conduct of ad-hoc or pre-planned missions and test scenarios. The Viking VTOL drone will be able to be flown on a 1 controller to 1 drone or 1 controller or to multiple drones (Formation Flying) basis.
It uses innovative design and manufacturing techniques to minimize costs, thereby making it affordable enough to be expendable for realistic C-UAS support activities.