FLIR Argus

Fixed Surveillance System for Perimeter Security

Argus is a fixed, rugged, preconfigured wide area surveillance system. Combining a best-in-class radar and thermal camera with Command and Control software, Argus is designed to detect and track multiple threats both near and far in the most demanding weather conditions 24 /7. When compared to other perimeter security solutions, Argus has the lowest initial cost per kilometre of secured space as well as the lowest lifetime cost.

Radar + Thermal/Visible Cameras – Optional payloads cover up to four spectral bands including visible, NIR, SWIR, and MWIR with slew-to-cue of cameras to radar.

Installs In Hours – Designed for easy installation with minimal infrastructure requirements, Argus is preconfigured to virtually eliminate any integration risk.

Track Over 500 Targets Simultaneously – Laser designator, rangefinder, pointer and illuminator options plus Cameleon™ Tactical fusion of multiple sensors provide precise target bearing and location.

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