Landing Mat

For the SkyRanger R70

The Target Landing Mats are innovatively designed to enhance the accuracy of landings, accommodating both stationary and moving targets. These mats enable an aircraft to precisely land on a target, even when placed on a moving vehicle, supporting landings at speeds up to 20 km/h (12 mph).

There are two variations of these mats: Mat A (Standard) and Mat B (Tether Landings). Each variation is tailored to provide stability and support for a range of situations. Mat A is suitable for general use, while Mat B is specifically designed for tether landings.

These mats are versatile, facilitating safe landings on vessels and vehicles, and are especially useful when landing without a payload camera, relying instead on navigation cameras.

Additionally, they are compatible with the use of a Tether Kit, further expanding their utility in diverse operational scenarios, such as landing on moving platforms or in constrained environments.​