MUNIN Radiation Detector

Lightweight detection integrated into the SkyRanger platform

MUNIN Radiation identification system is here to monitor radiation in an easier, safer and more accurate way then ever before.
The kit is modular and portable, intended for simultaneous detection, measuring, logging and automatic reporting of radiating isotopes at sea or on land.
The sensor utilize the UAS` encrypted datalink to communicate its location and measured values in real time to the operations center running our NAS Kolibri software to analyze, visualize, and store the test results.
The test results is then uploaded to the respected authorities for further actions and future reference with the possibility to run a near to live reach-back solution.

The MUNIN sensor is a lightweight radiation detector designed to be mounted on the SkyRanger R70 UAS for a wide range of applications where radiation detection, measurement, and nuclide identification is needed.
This includes environmental surveys, military reconnaissance, Radiological Dispersal or Exposure Device (RDD or RED) detection, hospitals/industry, fire hazards and nuclear power plant emergency response.