Radionor Interposer

Radionor offers a specialized communication solution that enhances command and control (C2) and downlink capabilities from aircraft using an “interposer.” This technology is particularly effective in extending the range and reliability of communications from airborne platforms to ground units. The interposer acts as a critical intermediary, facilitating the transfer of data and ensuring a stable connection between the aircraft and ground forces.

In addition to its C2 and downlink functionalities, Radionor’s system is also equipped with Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) network retransmission capabilities. This feature is essential for operations in challenging environments where direct line of sight communication is not possible. BLOS retransmission extends the operational range of the network, allowing for effective communication over longer distances and in obstructed areas. This capability is crucial for maintaining continuous and reliable communication channels in a wide range of tactical situations, ensuring that ground units stay connected and informed, regardless of their location or the terrain.